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International shopping on How do I buy something online?

  1. First choose the country to which you would like the goods delivered..
  2. Choose a category. Click on the "Women's Clothes" category to buy from stores like Boden, Land's End and As Seen On Screen. Or to look for a skirt or jacket.
  3. Scroll down the list of stores and click on the one you would like to look at. The shopping site will open in a new window to allow you to come back to the list.
  4. Reviews of stores can be found by clicking on the "More Info" button next to the shop description.

  5. Order your items from the websites visited or come back to and browse again. The products will be sent directly from the company concerned.
  6. Once your item has arrived, don't forget to Rate and Review the customer service you received from the retailer to help others choose the right store. Click on the button "Add A Review" next to the store description. Don't forget good reviews are as helpful as bad ones.

We hope that will be a great help to all our shoppers worldwide. Don't forget to tell all your friends how easy it is to order online internationally!

buy is an International Shopping Directory. It has been designed to help people living all over the world find the products they want. You can order from any country and have the items delivered to your door or to your neighbour's door in Peru! All the shops have been chosen for their range of products, prices and their international shipping policies. New stores and special discounts are added daily.

Do you have a friend with a birthday in Kuala Lumpur? No problem! Just choose Malaysia from the list of countries and you will find a selection of shops, selling goods for all the family, that ship to Kuala Lumpur.

Kids having a gap year in Sydney? No problem! Choose Australia from the list of countries and send them a treat!

shopping onlineWe do not sell any products ourselves. We have asked a selection of well-known and trusted shops to join our site. When you click on a link (either the title of the store or their advertising banner) you will be taken to their shopping site in a new window.

online has taken all the fuss out of international online shopping by selecting stores that ship specifically to your country. All you have to do is click on the link and choose the product you would like to buy.

Please note shipping rates vary from shop to shop. If you find a store with a low shipping rate why not write a review to help others? Click on the Write a Review button next to the listing. Or rate the store with a mark out of 10 by clicking on the Rate This Shop button.

Don't forget to look at our FREE Worldwide Delivery category. All these shops really do send things to you for free! Happy Shopping!

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